Iskender Dirik


The Future of AI-Driven Marketing

  • What are the pains of (online) marketing today?

  • How will AI change the marketing of the future?

  • An inspirational journey to the day to day life of a marketer in ten years.

  • Examples of exciting AI solutions that already exist and others that will exist in ten years.

  • Which skills should the marketer of the future have?

  • The format is also applicable to adjacent areas like „The Future of AI-Driven Sales”.

  • The related keynote handout: The Future of AI-Transformed Marketing

“Iskender uniquely combines AI-content and humoristic presentation into a highest value keynote - haven’t experienced such a convincing performance in 25 years of entrepreneurial personal live. You took us on a AI science fiction journey making every listener clear what will be possible in 10 years time bringing AI into action - CONGRATULATION!”

Reiner Kurzhals, Founder of 4tree (Big Data Company acquired by McKinsey)

How We’ll Shop in Ten Years

  • How will Artificial Intelligence change the shopping behavior? How will consumers shop in ten years?

  • An inspirational and visionary journey to the day-to-day shopping life of a normal human being in ten years.

  • Covered topics (excerpt): on- and offline shopping, voice assistants, autonomous driving, augmented reality, advertising, targeting, robots.

  • The related keynote handout: The Future of AI-Transformed Marketing

How AI Will Change Our Everyday Life

  • How will AI influence our everyday life?

  • An inspirational and visionary journey to the day-to-day life of a normal human being in fifteen years.

  • Covered topics (excerpt): Autonomous driving, voice assistants, robots, on- and offline shopping, eating, TV consumption, advertising, virtual reality.

“I’ve never seen such an engaged audience during a keynote. Fabulous storytelling and a compelling vision about an AI-driven future.”

Benjamin Kreck, CTO Intelligent Cloud Microsoft Germany

Demystifying Deep Learning: The Simple Guide to Deep Learning

  • A simple deep learning primer for everyone.

  • Differentiation between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

  • Basic knowledge about the most important deep learning methods: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning.

  • Introduction of the most relevant neural network architectures: Convolutional Networks, Sequence Models, Generative Adversarial Networks.

  • The related keynote handout: The Simple Guide to Deep Learning

COUP – „Commandments of Outstanding Presentations”

  • Framework for impactful, outstanding presentations for all possible use cases like sales pitches, company and startup pitches, inner company presentations, workshops etc.

  • Content: Storytelling, script development, slide design, body language, engaging the audience, maximizing the learning effects.

  • Variable format from a 15min keynote to a half day workshop.

  • Please see also:

“The attendants of our customer and partner event spoke glowingly about Iskender’s captivating performance. His futuristic keynote was simply outstanding.”

Andreas Pott, Head of Corporate Development at FIEGE

Corporate Venture Capital & Accelerators: Advantages, Pitfalls and Best-Practices from Microsoft

  • Advantages of corporate venture capital and other corporate startup initiatives (e.g. accelerator programs) for the corporate core business, the corporate M&A and startups.

  • Pitfalls – what most corporates do wrong.

  • How Microsoft uses startups to strengthen its core business in order to become the market leader in the (b2b) cloud and AI market.

  • The related keynote whitepaper: A Manual for Corporate VC

What Corporates could learn from startups”, especially from following perspectives:

  • Culture

  • HR

  • Strategy

  • Product Development

  • Business Development

“Thanks a lot for the awesome keynote yesterday, totally different level than all other presentations. It’s the one I’ll remember. Clearly one of the best live presentations I’ve ever seen.”

Marc Schmidt, Head of Marketing Tech & CRM MYTOYS GROUP

The Digitale & AI Transformation Layers

  • The different layers of the digital transformation and the transformation into an AI-driven company.

  • Dos and Dont’s.

  • Examples from Microsoft.

  • The related Whitepaper: The Digital and AI Transformation Pyramids

Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft Germany